surveillance in Coventry

Surveillance in Coventry

There are many instances where we are required to perform surveillance in Coventry or surrounding areas. One being of course a matrimonial or boyfriend/girlfriend infidelity scenario where a cheating partner is suspected.

Also catering for commercial and corporate sectors seeking assistance in a business environment, for instance if a worker is suspected of making a false claim of industrial injury, or maybe moonlighting with another job or is constantly pulling “sickies”, You may feel that a breach of contract is taking place or that an employee is in contact with a rival firm. Also we are called on for employers involved in employment tribunal (previously known as industrial tribunals) where ex employees are saying that they can find no work since being unfairly dismissed or that they have lost property or vehicles due to their “Unfair dismissal”. Hoping for an extra payout in compensation.

If your relationship is suffering and you suspect that your partner may be having an affair then please do not hesitate to contact us.

All cases are treated with discretion. We can carry out long term or short term surveillance depending on your needs. This will provide you with the information that you need.

We are specialists in mobile, foot, static , Rural and technical surveillance techniques.

Video evidence

Using Video and Photographic evidence can be provided as proof. All images/footage time and date stamped. Also we offer a vehicle tracking service.

We have both male and female operatives trained to the highest calibre and using the latest covert digital recording equipment in vehicles and body worn so that any scenario is covered.

We cater for all surveillance situations. From a suspected cheating partner to a worker making false claims of industrial injury.

All of our work will be carried out legally. Were we to do it illegally, we would end up in a lot of trouble and your case would fall flat on it’s face. If there is evidence to obtain then acting within the constraints of the law we have found gives us little or no restrictions anyway, so we see no reason to break the rules.

All of our work will; be presented to you in a format that is admissible in any court or employee tribunal.

Our Video and Photographic evidence will also be provided as proof. This will prove if someone is guilty or innocent of anything untoward.

We have recently upgraded our video, photography hardware including covert cameras, to the latest High Definition equipment, this results in increased image quality especially in the evenings when light fails along with most camera equipment as we don’t have the added luxury of using lighting if we wish to remain covert.