Rural CROP Surveillance

What is Rural CROP Surveillance?
The term “CROP” is an acronym for covert rural observation post.

When would CROP surveillance be used?
Usually when we carry out surveillance in a rural location we would need to use CROP trained surveillance operatives.

However, sometimes CROP surveillance is required in large cities such as parks and beauty spots or other similar locations.
rural crop surveillance

CROP Trained Surveillance Operatives

We have a number of CROP trained surveillance operatives who can deploy in a rural or a “green” area of a city.

Each of our CROP trained operatives were trained in either the military or Police to the highest standard.

What sort of investigations would require the use of a CROP trained surveillance operative?

There are many scenarios but many involve investigations into:

  • Fly tipping
  • Fraud & theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Asset protection

CROP Surveillance Is A Specialist Field

It is often thought that anyone can put on some camouflage clothing and call themselves a “croppy”. This is entirely incorrect.

A CROP surveillance trained operative has to go through a rigorous and long training course with a high failure rate.

We use former Police and Military CROP operatives who have successfully completed a comprehensive training course, which lasts a month. Anyone that shows wanting will not be passed.

We do not use people that simply dress in a camouflage jacket and call themselves CROP trained.

Our rural surveillance operatives are true experts in rural observation point construction, concealment, utilising night navigation, orientation and the ability to remain self-sufficient for up to 48 hours in any weather conditions.

Although we have a large number of operatives that can carry out Mobile surveillance or foot surveillance our rural surveillance operatives are a select few who often work in conjunction with the mobile team.
Rural Crop surveillance.
Crop Surveillance.