Services range from corporate and commercial to private investigations these can include the following:

What do these services entail?

Ok let’s break it down One by One.

Observation and surveillance. Is a discreet method of watching a person/s to find out exactly what they are doing at any given time that you request. Using covert methods we can provide evidence backed up with video/photographic testimony.

Suspect insurance claims . Is a service we offer to establish if a claimants injuries are as bad as they say.

Neighborhood checks. Buying a house is a big decision. Wouldn’t you like to find out what the street is really like? We will find out if there are neighbours from hell in your potential street, if there is a local gang that likes to stand outside your potential home at night time, if burglary is a problem in the area. By discreetly talking to neighbours and sitting in the area monitoring activities.We can build a complete picture of the area before you make the plunge. This is done on a fixed fee and inquiries will take place over a period of 7 days.

Teen activity reports. Let’s face it, as much as we like to think our kids are well behaved, there are times when every parent wonders just what their children are up to. Just who are they hanging around with after school? Are they helping old ladies across the road or are they smoking something they shouldn’t be? Are they dealing? Maybe they seem to have a lot of money lately? Maybe they never have money but are constantly asking for money or worse taking money? We can perform surveillance on individuals to find out just what it is they are up to. Remember for peace of mind.

Whatever your enquiry M.R. Investigations will perform the task with utmost understanding and confidentiality.

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