Bug Sweep Coventry

Bug Sweep Coventry

bug sweep coventry

Counter Surveillance

At M.R Investigations, we have the capability to carry out Counter surveillance of your home or office (Bug Sweep) this includes neutralising after identifying  all manner of covert surveillance and eavesdropping devices. This includes concealed GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras,  and all manner of audio recorders as well as state of the art GSM bugs which can be listened to from anywhere in the world.

Bug sweep

We employ advanced Electronic Bug Sweep equipment to detect any trace of both passive and active surveillance devices, including keystroke logging software and  monitors. We ensure that we are one step ahead and constantly keep abreast of new spying techniques so that we are constantly updating all of our counter surveillance equipment.

We appreciate that a debugging service is an urgent requirement and will endeavour to respond to our customers on a same day basis.

We also cater for  providing a thorough examination of computers and Mobile phones for any other sources of potential intrusion and surveillance software and data leaks you may be unwittingly experiencing. This  is offered as part of our Bug Sweep (TSCM inspection) service. You may of course also use this service separately.

Why debugging is important

In our ever changing and connected world,  surveillance technology is now so easily accessible to the general public, privacy needs to be a serious consideration. Devices and software can be installed into your phones, electrical fittings, furniture,  computer systems, and so on and can seriously compromise any privacy and security in your home, vehicle or at your office.

We are leading experts as far as Electronic Bug Sweep detection is concerned. We regularly remove any such devices which gives our clients complete peace of mind. We have been in the business of Electronic Bug Sweeping for several years and will guarantee you a discreet service from a  professional team.

Some of our clients

We undertake this work for  businesses, celebrities, professional investigators and also a number of high net worth clients. With the advancement in technology ever changing, it is easily possible to  install very small, hidden or disguised devices which go undetected. These devices give easy access to the intended victim, allowing the eavesdropper to monitor all your activities and hear your conversations and carry out surveillance from afar.

Bug sweep Coventry and other major cities

M.R.Investigations offers Bug sweep, debugging services throughout the United Kingdom including Major cities like London,  Birmingham, Sheffield, and Manchester. In fact we cover most of the UK. We have the experience and expertise to identify all kinds of electronic listening devices (bugs) which may be fitted in your home, vehicle or workplace and remove them safely.