Private investigator car tracking

We have recently invested a considerable amount of money into tracking devices and have assessed various tracking options. We liaised closely with manufacturers and developed a product that is tailored to our profession. Now we feel we have the perfect devices our clients demand for private investigator car tracking.

The main reason we track vehicles is to work in conjunction with an ongoing surveillance operation.

private investigator car tracking

The devices are live trackers that track in real time as the vehicle is moving. This has the benefit of  our knowing at any time where the vehicle is, especially if we find ourselves detached from the vehicle we are following. The live updates can refresh as regularly as every 3 seconds if required. These “Active” trackers also log information. Again the information will show times, street names, at what speeds travelled and where vehicle stopped and for how long it stopped for.

We can deploy it on the vehicle and it’s location can be viewed on a phone or tablet where we can log in and view the movements at any time. With various viewing options available from the panel one being road view as displayed in the image above and another being ” birds eye” view as displayed below, we will always know just where that vehicle is.

tracklogsmallAbove is an example of the tracker log page which can be saved to an exel or word document and printed off.

Private detective car tracking

We are always liasing with the leading manufacturer of GPS tracking devices aimed at the private investigation trade ensuring that our devices have all that we  will ever require from a tracker. This includes now detailed logging reports, detailing all stops starts, speeds, road names etc.

Also if the vehicle goes to an area that is covered by google street view,( Now nationwide and international coverage).
we will be able to view as if we were standing in that street ourselves!

This is a great cost effective solution. It is an invaluable tool to assist us in a surveillance.

Vehicle tracking UK

We can perform vehicle tracking on a nationwide basis. Please call for more information. 024 7626 8089 or mobile 07834 524186.