cheating partner coventry

Cheating partner Coventry

It’s a sad fact that at some point in your relationship your partner may cheat on you. This could be early on in your relationship or a few years down the road. We have investigated and gained evidence of a cheating partner in Coventry and throughout the West Midlands where couples have been married for forty years or more.

Signs of a cheating partner in Coventry

There are a number of signs that will become obvious to you that your partner maybe cheating. The most obvious sign will be centred around their mobile phone, before it used to be the computer was the first place to look for evidence but times have changed read our blog on this. There are other signs of infidelity each being a classic signs of a cheating partner.

How to catch a cheating partner

So what are your options for finding out once and for all what your partner is really up to?

Vehicle tracking

If you suspect you have a cheating partner and are not sure of when the infidelity is taking place, we recommend the use of a vehicle tracker to obtain a pattern of movement of your partner to see where they go, do they really go to the places they say they do? This is the best way of obtaining intelligence to ascertain the movements of your partner.


We regularly carry out physical surveillance in Coventry, Surveillance in Warwickshire and Surveillance in Birmingham areas to obtain hard evidence of a cheating husband or cheating wife in Coventry and beyond. Only utilising the very latest covert digital recording equipment in  photography and footage to prove any acts of infidelity.

The tracking device mentioned earlier is a great tool for intelligence and then finished with surveillance acting upon the intelligence gleaned from the tracking device.

If you require the services of a private investigator in Coventry, private investigator in Warwickshire or a private investigator in Birmingham to assist you proving one way or another if your partner is cheating. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.