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cheating partners on smart phones

It used to be the case that most affairs were found on the home computer. A partner would scour the history of the computer to find out what their other halves had been up to. Checking emails was one sure way of finding out if you had a cheating partner. However, times have moved on. I remember about 10 years ago someone once saying that one day we will be able to do just about everything we can do on a PC on a phone. I remember thinking that that day would never happen. Well I was wrong. That day is with us. Most of us now have one of these capable phones in our pockets or in our handbags right now.

it is the age of the smartphone and yes them phones are smart. We can send emails, texts, skype, whatsapp and many other methods of communication straight from our smartphones. If your partner is cheating on you, he or she can use any of these methods to communicate with someone of the opposite sex. They can even book a hotel room straight from an app.
So now you see the household computer is rarely used these days as a tool for committing adultery and therefore will be likely to yield little results if searching for any evidence of adultery.

Nearly every call a private investigator receives today about a suspected cheating partner, the mobile phone will be brought into the conversation.

A lot of partners have realised this and usually the first signs they will see is their partner’s phones always switched to silent, Phone faced down or kept out of sight. The phone will go everywhere they go.

Also we are seeing an increase of smart cuckolded partners monitoring whatsapp. How it works is like this. The injured party suspects an affair between his wife and a work colleague. He has both of their phone numbers stored in his phone. He simply logs onto whatsapp and selects his wife’s whatsapp contact and sees that she is online so obviously chatting. He then selects the person he suspects she’s cheating with and sees that he is also on line. They both remain online for 20 minutes and then surprise, they both log off at the same time! Now if this happens regularly then it’s only natural that some suspicion is going to arise.

So forget the PC check the phone. Do you really want to see if your partners cheating? Pick up his or her phone in full view, run into the bathroom and lock the door. If they start beating the door down, then you know they have something to hide.

Now all that is well and good but if they’ve got a pass lock on their phone then that’s as far as it goes. The best way is to observe all these suspicious activities and once you are sure they are up to no good, give a private detective agency a call. We regularly deal with such scenarios. We can offer you surveillance in Coventry, the West Midlands, Warwickshire and even on a nationwide basis.

We are often asked can we install software onto their partners phone that will relay all texts etc sent from their partners phone. We have two issues with this. The first being a legal one. We would be in breach of the data protection act. The second is that to install any software to a phone you will need physical access to it to install such software and if your partner has the phone glued to them 24/7 then this isn’t going to happen.

15th June 2016

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