proof of cohabitation

Proof of Cohabitation investigations

We obtain proof of cohabitation investigations. Usually this is when there are ongoing divorce proceedings or child maintenance issues involved. Proving cohabitation can greatly reduce child maintenance or divorce settlements.

In most cases our clients are  aware due to tip offs  that their ex partner or tenant is cohabiting but requires the proof.

Being experienced in such matters and regularly advising solicitors of our tried and tested methods, to not only prove that they are cohabiting but also in a format admissible and acceptable in a court of law. Proving cohabitation will require a period of surveillance.

We carry out investigations on behalf of landlords who wish to prove a breach of contract or sub letting.

Breach of court orders

You need proof a court order is being breached?

In one such scenario we were required to obtain proof of cohabitation in Coventry where an ex partner was ordered by the court that when he had his child at weekends he was not to take her anywhere near his new partner.

He was also ordered to only take the child to his home address that he had given the court. It was proved from our findings that not only did he not live at the address given to the court but that he was cohabiting with his new partner at another address and that is where the child stayed at the weekends.

You will on completion be furnished with a full detailed cohabitation report containing photographic proof.

Researches will also be made via social media searches, financial record enquiries, public records etc.

We can also make investigations via discrete enquiries with neighbours.

We will only contact neighbours if necessary with a pretext and then only with your consent.

Proof of cohabitation will assist you if you are looking to:

  • Reduce maintenance orders
  • Increase maintenance orders
  • Increase child support owed
  • Decrease child support owed
  • Receiving a fair share of assets