Corporate Investigations In Coventry

M.R.Investigations regularly investigate people for corporate clients. This can be for any number of issues that a client may encounter, usually with employees or rival firms.

False Sickness Investigations In Coventry

We are regularly tasked with investigating employees who are suspected of claiming sick pay when they are not sick at all. It is estimated that false sickness in the UK costs employers £29 Billion per year!

corporate investigations coventry

We find that when an employer suspects an employee is off sick it is usually for a good reason such as a tip off from another employee and as a result we find that our investigations which usually involve a period of surveillance is very successful.

Employee Theft Investigations

Employee theft is a large scale problem for all businesses, both large or small. In the UK, theft from employers runs into billions annually annually.

As private investigators in Coventry and Private Investigators in Warwickshire we will carry out our investigations covertly and seamlessly so that the bare minimum and disruption to your business in our investigations to catch the culprit.

Moonlighting Investigations

It’s a sad fact that employees often have other employment and quite often whilst they are claiming sick pay. Sometimes this can be when they have made a false claim of injury from their employers.

Using covert methods our private detectives will with no doubt reveal the truth. Quite often we find that the employers suspicions are indeed founded.

Industrial Espionage

Quite often we find ourslves involved in employee investigations in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands investigating an employee or employees involved in setting up rival firms which breaches their terms of employment.

the term industrial espionage can involve many topics including employees selling company secrets to another firm or stealing a database of the employers clients and approaching those clients with a view to taking their employers business away from them.

Industrial espionage tends to follow a usual pattern of “inside jobs,” in which an employee steals company secrets for financial gain or to hurt the company.


Our investigation report will help clients to make the correct judgments based on credible evidence and while it is our clients decision how thy wish to proceed, all evidence that is required to be used in a court of law will be gathered legally and ethically.