M.R.Investigations are experts when it comes to investigating employee false sickness suspicions, having twenty years of experience in such investigations.

employee false sickness

A person that makes claims of false sickness is a drain on any business. Not only financially but sometimes mentally, especially with smaller businesses.

Sometimes these people will not only be making claiming sick pay but also insurance claims or other claims that they will be wanting to take to an employee tribunal.

In our experience when an employer calls us with suspicions of an employee making false claims of sickness it is for a good reason.

Reasons for an employer suspecting an employee of malingering are many and varied but quite often potential reasons are.

Regular patterns of absence, such as the same day each week.
Reasons for absence, such as being invited to a disciplinary meeting.
Reluctance to provide medical evidence or attend appointments.
Posts on social media.
Tip-offs from colleagues.
Reports of activities that seem inconsistent with ill-health, such as, undertaking other work or going on holiday
Doing DIY.
Involved in sporting activities.

All of the above are red flags of employee false sickness but none are grounds for dismissal. For example social media posts may suggest that the employee is living an active lifestyle that contradicts their claimed ailment but it could easily be argued that they are just trying to make themselves look good to friends.

An article by Catharine Cooksley shows four steps in dealing with malingerers.

What is required in these circumstances is hard evidence and the only way to provide that is from surveillance. This is where we come in for Step 3: Give evidence of misconduct of Catherines article.

We regularly carry out such work for employers and HR departments to obtain that crucial evidence that is required.

Quite often they will say that if our evidence proves that their claims are valid then they will be happy to accommodate the employee in any way possible.

But very often we find that the employers suspicions are correct because they were reacting on the red flags outlined above.

M.R.Investigations carry out employee false sickness investigations in Coventry, West Midlands Warwickshire and sometimes nationwide.

If you have suspicions and require employee false sickness investigations please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options and how we can help you.