Mobile Surveillance

There are several methods of surveillance that private investigators are involved with including mobile surveillance. This can include Static surveillance, foot surveillance and technical surveillance.

Mobile surveillance relates to following a car, van or any type of vehicle the subject of enquiry maybe driving or being carried in.
mobile surveillance coventry

Quite often a mobile surveillance can become a foot surveillance. This usually happens when a car, taxi or van is being followed and the person being followed exits the vehicle and goes on foot.

A mobile surveillance is a very hard thing to do to go undetected. There are a number of pitfalls depending on where the surveillance is taking place.

For example, doing a surveillance in Coventry or any other city can be hard due to heavy traffic conditions.

The problem you have in a city is due to heavy traffic it is easy to lose a vehicle. If you imagine the car in front of you is two cars ahead of you and the driver in front of you is in a happy mood and allows other drivers to come out of joining roads this can result in several vehicles getting in front of you.

Your subject vehicle passes through a set of traffic lights just as they are about to change to red and you will find yourself baulked and there’s a good chance that is the last you will see of him for that day as he turns a corner out of your view!

Rural Mobile Surveillance

With surveillance being hindered by heavy traffic, the opposite is an obstacle for a rural mobile surveillance.

You can easily find yourself in a situation where it is just you and your Subject on a long windy single track road and it wont be long before it is realised that you are following him.

To combat both of these scenarios we use a number of techniques to combat such situations that help to make sure we remain undetected.

All of our vehicles are fitted with covert surveillance cameras meaning we can record whist on the move.