Foot Surveillance

There are a number of methods of surveillance that private investigators may find themselves in, including Foot surveillance. This can include mobile surveillance , Static and technical surveillance

Foot surveillance relates to following on foot from an address or in a town centre or any number of scenarios.
foot surveillance

Quite often a foot surveillance can become a mobile surveillance. This usually happens when a person that is being followed gets into a taxi, car or public transport.

A foot surveillance is a not as easy as you may think. The problems that can arise is dictated by the geographic area.

Urban Foot Surveillance

For example, doing a surveillance in Coventry or any other city can be hard due to the amount of people in a city centre.

It is very easy if you take your eye off your subject for just a second and they are lost in the crowd. Also if they get into a taxi you could be left watching your subject disappear into oblivion.

Rural Foot Surveillance

In a rural area it is likely that it will be just the operative and the Subject in the middle of nowhere and it wont take long for your subject to become aware of you.

Also you have to be more aware of third parties in rural areas as everyone usually knows everyone and any strangers will stand out like the proverbial injured thumb.

Also one has to be prepared for the Subject is checking to see if they are being followed by carrying out anti surveillance manoeuvres such as suddenly stopping and turning.

To combat any of the above scenarios we use a number of techniques to preempt the subjects next move and be ready to react to it and help to make sure we remain undetected.

All of our operatives wear body worn covert surveillance cameras meaning we can record whist on the move.