Technical Surveillance

As well as mobile and foot surveillance we also cater for and specialise in technical surveillance.
Technical surveillance can relate to unmanned surveillance cameras.

Surveillance Cameras

These are usually static cameras that can be deployed and retrieved later and the contents of the memory card interrogated or wifi enabled ones that can be monitored from the comfort of your home or office.

Our surveillance cameras are disguised and can look like their surrounding environment. Sometimes placed overtly they will not arouse any suspicion.

These are great to use in scenarios where it would be difficult or impossible to carry out surveillance on a property or location from a mobile platform without arousing suspicion.

These cameras are also good to use in fly tipping investigations to identify who is dumping rubbish illegally.

Tracking Devices

Technical surveillance can also relate to GPS tracking devices which we can deploy onto the Subjects vehicle to assist us with surveillance.

This form of technical surveillance can help us in cases where we may have a loss in traffic, allowing us to pick back up on the Subject and resume the surveillance.

This results in a more productive surveillance.

Bug Sweep

Although more a counter surveillance we cater for bug sweeping. This includes the home or office and any vehicles as well as telephones.

We have specialists with state of the art bug detecting equipment to give you peace of mind.

Bugging Devices

We can also supply bugging devices there are however, strict laws when it comes to the fitting of such devices. M.R.Investigations will not assist in the fitting of any device if it is in breach of any laws.

There are a number of different bugging devices such as an infinity bug that can be dialled into from anywhere in the world.

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