Static Surveillance

Static surveillance means staying in one place and not following in a car or on foot which is called mobile surveillance and foot surveillance respectively.

The reason we could be required to carry out a static surveillance could be one of many. One example being a cohabitation investigation where we need to prove someone is residing at an address that they deny living at, usually to avoid paying maintenance or similar.

In such circumstances there is little point following the person away from the address as this proves nothing.


Another scenario where we maybe called upon to carry out a static surveillance could be in a matrimonial investigation to prove a partner or spouse is seen attending an address where it is suspected he is having an affair and the client wishes to show him attending a specific address.


We are quite often called to perform these types of surveillance when there has been a court order restricting the subject of enquiry from visiting an address.

This can be in child custody battles where a child is not allowed to go to an address where it is believed the other parent maybe taking the child due to the occupants not being suitable for the child to be around.

We are also called upon to carry out school catchment area surveillances to prove that a child is not living in an area that their parents purports to be living.

The reason they do this is to gain their child a placement in a sought after school in a specific area. With their being limited places available sometimes a child that is actually living in the area is not allowed into the school.