Fly tipping Coventry & Warwickshire

At M.R.investigations we are experienced in gaining evidence of fly tipping in Coventry and the surrounding rural areas of Warwickshire and the West Midlands. There is nothing worse than finding a pile of dumped rubbish emptied out on your land. It results in a time consuming clean up operation and possibly a hefty clean up bill to pay to dispose of the rubbish.

Using covert cameras we have caught evidence of not only fly tippers but arsonists and armed poachers, which has resulted in prosecution.

Fly tipping is a national problem of which the Environment Agency receives 50,000 reports annually.

Illegal tipping is not only an eyesore but can lead to all sorts of environmental issues as well as posing health and safety risks to members of the public and livestock.

If convicted the offender can be fined up to £50,000 and/or get 12 months in prison for fly tipping. If the case goes to a Crown Court, they can impose unlimited fines and a sentence of anything up to five years. The person found guilty of fly tipping can also be ordered to pay for clearing up the incident.

Fly tips items commonly include:

  • general household waste
  • large domestic items (quite often fridges and mattresses)
  • commercial waste (eg builders’ rubble, old tyres etc)
  • garden refuse
  • litter or refuse accumulation
  • soil

We use a number of cameras that can be hidden in trees or in the earth which will be undetected by the offender and will be time and dated within the imagery, giving a precise time of the offence. We also have night vision enabled cameras that will help secure the evidence required to bring about a successful conviction of the offender. Also we regularly obtain the registration number of the vehicle involved which speeds up a conviction immensely.

If you are frustrated at waiting for the council to take action on fly-tipping in your street or on your land, the solution can only be to gather the evidence needed yourself. An external covert surveillance camera can be used in a fly-tipping hotspot to obtain evidence of people and businesses dumping waste products.