At M.R.Investigations we have all the latest covert cameras.
covert cameras

Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are used by private investigators in Coventry and throughout the world for a number of reasons but nearly always to place a person or area under surveillance.

We have a number of covert cameras at our disposal some are used in vehicles, some are body worn and some are used outside, disguised as street furniture or camouflaged in rural locations.

The use of the latter covert cameras allows us to build up a picture of a subject or subjects at a location.

Cameras inside vehicles allow us to record on the move when on a mobile surveillance and when static.

We have used such cameras successfully in fly tipping investigations, where offenders need to be captured on film for evidential reasons. Or to place someone under surveillance that would not be practical from a vehicle.

This is called technical surveillance.

Covert Body Worn Cameras

Covert body worn cameras come in a number of guises and are so that we can record in the street, restaurant, public houses, hotels etc. without drawing attention to our activities. These cameras not only record video but also conversations.

All surveillance experts should have all of these types of cameras available to them. Modern day cameras can all record in full HD and imprint a time and date onto the video footage for irrefutable evidence.

Fitting Covert Cameras

If you feel that you could benefit from the fitting of one of our cameras then do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss.

We have cameras that can be used in rural and urban areas to good effect. You can contact us by the email link on this page or via phone on either 024 7626 8089 or 07834524186 where you will be advised as to which type of camera best suits your requirements.