Unmanned Technical Surveillance

covert camera

Unmanned surveillance is another option open to the private investigator.

The most common used by a private investigator is a covert camera disguised or camouflaged to fit in it’s environment. Other forms of technical surveillance can include.

  • Hard wired audio monitoring
  • Monitoring of telephone systems
  • Monitoring of computers
  • Bugging devices

The above methods require thought into the legalities as it is not legal for a private investigator to bug someones house or fit cameras without the authorisation of the householder or business owner.

The same can be said for any monitoring of any computers, it has to be with the consent of the owner.
Cameras placed in public places are perfectly legal.

We have used these cameras on numerous occasions be it for fly tipping investigations or any location we need to record activity over a prolonged amount of time.

Sometimes we are faced with a situation where it will be impossible to carry out a static surveillance without drawing unwanted attention. Using covert cameras in these situations has alleviated any such issues.

We can deploy them under the cover of darkness, at the beginning of the day and retrieve under cover of darkness at the end of the day or indeed much longer and then view the captured footage.

Recently we had a case where the Subject of enquiry was suspected of living a double life. Our enquiries had located a remote large property in a rural area with no clear view onto the property without being compromised if we used a surveillance vehicle.

Our operatives deployed a camouflaged camera into some foliage for a couple of days and when we reviewed the footage it showed him arriving and staying overnight and leaving in the morning. This, at a time he had told his wife he was out of the country on business!

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