When planning a surveillance operation into a suspected cheating partner it will help us and you if you can narrow down when a surveillance operation is going to yeild results.

A lot of our inquiries come from people who suspect that their partner is being unfaithful. When asked what has aroused suspicion they will say something along the lines of “He/She is staying out on a Friday night” or that they have stayed out a few nights over the last few months. What you can do is narrow the days down so for example if you see that they have been staying out more on a Friday as opposed to other days then there is more chance of a productive surveillance on a Friday night.

The above you may think is common sense and you are quite correct. However, there are many times when there is suspicion but no known times when this could be happening. In these instances please do not hesitate to call us as we have solutions to these problems in most cases.

If we can narrow relevant times then it helps prevent lengthy drawn out, costly investigations and helps bring the investigation to a quick conclusion. Contact us on any of the above phone numbers or via email