It’s a fact that false insurance claims are costing insurance companies millions of pounds each day and fraud is the fastest growing crime today.

Proving that the claim is false is in fact another matter. This is where M.R.Investigations come in to provide evidence, both photographic and video. In other words Hard evidence!

Employers are often hit with claims of injury in the workplace and our investigations will reveal the truth.

Using discreet investigation and surveillance methods this evidence can be shown to you whether the result is positive or negative .

We don’t only work for insurance companies we also undertake tasks for employers who may have an employee who having made claims of injury on a works premises resulting in significant sums of liability, we can gather the evidence to prove or disprove the level of the injury.

We are able to undertake surveillance of many scenarios including

  • Personal injury claims
  • Car accident injury claims
  • Health and general medical claims
  • Disability claims

If you require us to perform a surveillance on a suspected fraudulent claim then do not hesitate to call us either via email or phone.

All cases are treated with discretion. We can carry out long term or short term surveillance depending on your needs. This will provide you with the information that you need.