Looking for a Missing Person?

There are a number of reasons we are asked for our tracing services. It could be someone owes you money but you have drew a blank in finding them. Maybe you would like to get in touch with an old school friend you lost touch with?

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Tracing a Family Member

There are a number of reasons that family members become detached. It could be that there was a family rift or that a previous unknown family member is discovered that you would like to get in touch with.

We are Coventry based tracing experts that can provide you with an address of your missing family member usually within 48 hours. Sometimes the results are so successful we can provide you with a phone number for them too.

Tracing a Debtor

Sometimes people leave owing money will do all they can to cover their tracks. If you are a creditor and the person needs taking to court but you cannot find them, we can help. Another scenario is you are a landlord owed rent from someone that has done a moonlight flit.

Whatever the reason, as long as the enquiry is legitimate and not for sinister reasons we can usually find your debtor which allows you to take the necessary proceedings against your debtor.

How Do You Find Them?

Without giving away too many tricks of the trade, we as tracing experts have at our disposal access to a large number of databases which aid us in our search of missing persons.

We also check our findings sometimes physically to substantiate our database results ensuring we have the correct address for the person you are trying to locate.

Our success rate is very high and a number of debtors who thought they had covered their tracks when found have asked “How did you find me?”.

No Trace No Fee

We offer our clients a no trace no fee service which means you have nothing to lose, you only pay if we locate them.

We can help you find a missing person in Coventry, Warwickshire, nationwide and even internationally.