M.R.Investigations carry out a number of process serves for all legal documents including.

  • Statutory Demands
  • Summons or Claims
  • Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • N39 Order to attend court
  • Court Orders
  • Non molestation order
  • Witness summons
  • Divorce petition
  • Family proceedings
  • Claim Forms
  • Scottish documents
  • Notice to quit

Serving every day on behalf of the legal profession based in the midlands but serving anywhere in the UK. M.R.Investigations are willing to process serve beyond the normal 9-5 making our chances of making a successful serve a reality. Affidavits and statements of service being a natural exercise.

Offering two levels of service

Standard service: Where your document will be delivered quickly and efficiently with your copies returned with the relevant statement of service or affidavit.

Premier service: For those times of urgency when you need a same day service, we can undertake such tasks again returning your copies of documents with the relevant statement of service or affidavit.

Offering a fixed fee service, no extra mileage or hourly rate charges (Except under certain conditions but this will be agreed beforehand).

We work past the normal 9-5. A lot of people are out at those times anyway, making service difficult to say the least, in fact most of our serves are done after or before 9-5.
We can also offer if required a full report of our visits at no extra cost.
All affidavits, statements or certificates of service are scanned and emailed to you prior to being posted, this can be crucial in times of a postal dispute or mail arriving late.
Offering Nationwide process server solutions.

Process Server Coventry

We cover the following areas for process serving