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We get a lot of job satisfaction and there is nothing better than putting old friends or relatives back in touch with each other.

We recently had a case where we were contacted by a client who had become aware that she had a brother who was adopted before she was born. Intrigued to find out more about her brother we were tasked with tracing him. As the clients parents were no longer alive there was scant information to go on but due to a lot of hard work we managed to trace him in the south of England.

The client asked if we would approach her brother to break the news to him and ask if he would like to meet his sister. The brother was as you can imagine overwhelmed and agreed wholeheartedly to meeting with his sister.

To cut a long story short they have now been meeting for three months and get on really well and each have met Neices and Nephews they never knew existed.
If you feel we can help you to be put in touch with a long lost relative please give us a call.

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