cheating partner coventry

Matrimonial investigations Coventry

There are many instances where we are required to perform matrimonial investigations. One being of course a matrimonial or boyfriend/girlfriend fidelity scenario involving a cheating partner.

If your relationship is suffering and you suspect that your partner may be having an affair then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Not sure if you need our services? Well if you ask yourself any of the following questions then the answer is yes.

  • Could my Husband be cheating?
  • Is my wife cheating?
  • Could my partner be cheating?
  • Is He/She really going where they say they are?

Signs that you have a cheating partner

  • Secretive with their mobile phone, always on silent, kept face down etc.
  • Change of routine
  • Regularly “working late”
  • Less affectionate to you or out of the blue surprising you with a gift
  • Going out with friends more often
  • Taking more pride in their appearance
  • Spending long hours on the home computer

All cases are treated with discretion. We can carry out long term or short term surveillance depending on your needs. This will provide you with the information that you need.

A fact

It is a fact that 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. The main reason being infidelity. There are no such records for unmarried relationships but there is no reason to believe it is any less.

Using video and photographic evidence can be provided as proof. This will prove if your partner is guilty or innocent of anything untoward. Also we offer a vehicle tracking service More

So how does it work? You provide us with the details, such as times and locations (If known). We can then set up a surveillance on your spouse or partner.

Under constant surveillance we are able to provide you with the evidence to prove or disprove your suspicions. Using the latest technology in video and photography equipment we can covertly provide the footage you require. We will conclude the surveillance with a detailed  report giving you a complete log of events and times during the surveillance operation. Using male and female operatives to suit any occasion. How to get a more productive surveillance.