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“Whether your suspicions are founded or unfounded one thing’s  for sure,

Matrimonial investigations

Something we are coming across more and more these days are enquiries from clients who suspect that their partner is cheating via social network websites. Particularly, Facebook. What may start out as an innocent pastime can soon end in disaster for a marriage. It works a little like this: Everyone is talking about Facebook, how they have found long lost friends from the past. “Do you remember Sue Smith?”” Well I am now friends with her”. Your friend tells you. Quickly you have to see what all the fuss is about. You too find friends from past and present. You may see that old flame from secondary school that you never quite forgot about and always wondered “What if”? You send a friend request and wait anxiously and then Bingo! There it is, the message you have been waiting for “Joe/Sue Blogs has accepted your friend request”.

You take a look at their wall, you read what they have been up to, you check their marital status, before you know it you are exchanging messages and old memories come flooding back and then… Well I’ll leave the rest to you imagination. It’s not always old relationships that are rekindled. New friendships are formed which can lead to infidelity. A lot of people are calling us and explaining their suspicions for their partners cheating and probably 70% of these people at some time mention Facebook being one of their suspicions as the root of the infidelity.

Facebook is now cited in one in five divorce cases in the United States and its fair to assume that the UK is not much different. In fact it’s probably higher if this is to be believed. If your partner is spending a lot of time on social networking sites and does this when you are not around or not expected, closes down the site when you enter the room, is very secretive about passwords then maybe you have cause for concern.

We are often called upon to investigate such cases. We too have had to move with the times and have a good success rate in this type of investigation.

You can run but you can’t hide

Staying on the Facebook theme a process server has managed to serve an evasive couple over Facebook. When all other avenues came to dead ends she resorted to Facebook to find her targets. Proving to the judge that the debtor was a frequent visitor to the site and that the respondents would become aware of the court order, permission was granted and service was deemed good. Full Story .

Matrimonial investigations


“Whether your suspicions are founded or unfounded one thing’s for sure,

It’s always amazing the amount of calls we have at the end of the school summer holidays. Each year we get calls after the kids have returned to school and this year is no exception. There is often trends in enquiries we receive, with lulls in the run up to christmas and then at the end of November we may get an influx of calls with clients wanting surveillance carrying out on a partner at a christmas party, which is a time when people are likely to drop their guards and inhibitions after a few glasses of wine and expose their feelings for other members of staff whilst their beloved other half is sat at home.

In these circumstances we can covertly record the goings on at such an event, using state of the art body worn surveillance equipment. It’s not only at Christmas time when we are called upon to perform such a task, it could be any time of the year and using our specially trained staff with the correct equipment we can prove or disprove your suspicions, leaving you with peace of mind.