Legalities of a Private Investigator

We get a lot of enquiries usually from private clients asking if we can carry out certain services.
A lot of the time it involves trying to catch a cheating partner and we get asked to carry out illegal services.

Usually this is a quite innocent request from the prospective client and we then go on to tell them that the service they require is illegal and then explain to them the reasons why it is illegal.

A lot of the time they have seen things on the TV and believe that any self respecting Private eye should be able to carry out such a request with no issues and all they are interested in is how much will it cost.

telephone hacking

The most common illegal request we get asked for is can we hack into a partners phone to read their text and whatsapp messages. Also a log of all calls made or received.

We can not do this as it is a breach of data protection. To do so we would have to get hold of the phone anyway and if your partner is having an affair the phone will be locked with a pin and will be glued to them 24/7.

Another request we are asked for is requests for bank statements. Again this is illegal and and a severe breach of data that we will not get involved in.

Installing hidden cameras is another requested service. Yes this can be done if it is your house or office with good reason such as to catch a thief but we will draw the line at installing surveillance cameras in your bedrooms.

Can we obtain criminal records? Only with the consent of the person you want checking and then they have to send off for the certificate and not us.

You want the details of the owner of a car you saw driving away hurriedly from your house as you arrived home early from work? Sorry again this cannot be done legally.

However, as we are ABI members we can do searches if the enquiry meets any of the following criteria.

Payment default: Documentary evidence is held to show that the Vehicle Lessee has breached their payment obligations or defaulted. The Vehicle Lessor needs vehicle keeper details to recover the payment, repossess the vehicle or both.

Change of keeper: Documentary evidence is held that the vehicle Lessor’s vehicle is being kept by another person contrary to the terms of the vehicle lease agreement or a notification has been received that there has been a change of vehicle keeper.

Breach of terms and conditions: Documentary evidence is held that the Terms and Conditions of the vehicle lease agreement have been breached by the vehicle Lessee.

Fraud: Documentary evidence is held that the vehicle Lessee has given false information at the time the vehicle lease agreement was taken out or that the vehicle lessee is involved in fraudulent activity in relation to the vehicle lease agreement.

Hit and run – an unidentified third party vehicle/driver has been involved in a hit and run incident with the Customer’s insured person/client. The driver of the third party vehicle did not stop or report the accident or give information and documents to the insured person/client.

Damage to vehicle– the Customer has received a claim that an unidentified third party vehicle/driver was involved in a road traffic incident where direct damage occurred to their insured person’s/client’s vehicle.

Death or Personal Injury – the Customer has reason to believe that the third party vehicle was involved in a road traffic incident and caused death or personal injury their insured person/client or their passengers’; or damage to their insured person’s/client’s vehicle and the insured person/client has submitted a claim for payment in respect of that damage.
Damage to property – the Customer has received a claim that an unidentified third party vehicle/driver was involved in a road traffic incident where damage was caused to their insured person’s/client’ property by a vehicle.

Fraud– the Customer has received a claim and needs to establish the keeper(s)/driver(s) of the third party vehicle(s) where there is a reason to suspect or there is specific documentary evidence that the third party has given false information or has made a representation when they gave their details.

Shunting or swerving – the Customer has received a claim that an unidentified third party vehicle/driver caused damage as a result of shunting a vehicle or causing a vehicle to swerve into their insured person’s/clients property.

Suspected cloned vehicle – the Customer needs to establish whether a vehicle that is suspected to have been cloned on inspection, is registered to the policyholder/client, following an insurance claim.

Credit hire claim fraud – the Customer needs to check the vehicle keeper of a hire vehicle where a credit hire claim is suspected to be fraudulent and not owned by hire company.
Staged incident/crash for cash fraud – the Customer has received a claim and believes the incident has been staged to make a fraudulent claim. They require vehicle keeper details of their insured person/client or the third party.

Insurance Policy Default – the Customer needs to establish ownership of vehicles related to a third-party claim where the policy of the “at fault” driver has fallen into default and the policyholder is not traceable.

Ghost Broking – the Customer has evidence that the keeper of a vehicle has been a victim of Ghost Broking and need to be advised that their insurance is invalid.

You maybe thinking that there is not a lot that a private investigator can do for you and that we have our hands tied. In some respects you maybe right but in others we have less restrictions than government bodies who are bound in red tape such as RIPA which means they need authority to carry out surveillance in any form where as we do not.

We do however, have to adhere to the data protection act 2018 and have to have a valid reason to place anyone under surveillance or carry out any trace enquiries.

A valid reason would be that we have exhausted all other lines of enquiry or other options are not available to achieve our goal.
In the case of a trace request we would have to be confident that the trace would not end up in the person being traced will come to any harm as a result of what we hand over to the client and that the reason for carrying out the trace is a valid one.

If you are wondering if any services we are can offer you are legal or not please give us a call to discuss as there is usually a legal option to obtain the result you are after.

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Unmanned Technical Surveillance

covert camera

Unmanned surveillance is another option open to the private investigator.

The most common used by a private investigator is a covert camera disguised or camouflaged to fit in it’s environment. Other forms of technical surveillance can include.

  • Hard wired audio monitoring
  • Monitoring of telephone systems
  • Monitoring of computers
  • Bugging devices

The above methods require thought into the legalities as it is not legal for a private investigator to bug someones house or fit cameras without the authorisation of the householder or business owner.

The same can be said for any monitoring of any computers, it has to be with the consent of the owner.
Cameras placed in public places are perfectly legal.

We have used these cameras on numerous occasions be it for fly tipping investigations or any location we need to record activity over a prolonged amount of time.

Sometimes we are faced with a situation where it will be impossible to carry out a static surveillance without drawing unwanted attention. Using covert cameras in these situations has alleviated any such issues.

We can deploy them under the cover of darkness, at the beginning of the day and retrieve under cover of darkness at the end of the day or indeed much longer and then view the captured footage.

Recently we had a case where the Subject of enquiry was suspected of living a double life. Our enquiries had located a remote large property in a rural area with no clear view onto the property without being compromised if we used a surveillance vehicle.

Our operatives deployed a camouflaged camera into some foliage for a couple of days and when we reviewed the footage it showed him arriving and staying overnight and leaving in the morning. This, at a time he had told his wife he was out of the country on business!

Tracing Debtors investigations in Coventry

Tracing Debtors Investigations In Coventry

Tracing debtors in Coventry is a service we offer to members of the Public and mostly to legal teams looking to serve papers on a respondent.
tracing debtors  in coventry

It’s a sad fact that many people that lend close friends money will never see that money again. It’s such an easy trap to fall in. You may have been friends for many years and totally trust your friend.

You hand over cash or make a bank transfer and agree on a handshake repayment terms and both of you are happy. But as the months drag on you see little or no repayment and then frustration takes over and you approach your friend who will fob you off with some sob story.

Does this sound familiar so far? Maybe now things have progressed to the stage where you are on bad terms and you haven’t heard from them in a while?

It then dawns on you that the debtor has in fact moved away owing you a lot of money. It is then you wonder what you can do to find them. This is where we can help.

Can Private Investigators In Coventry Help Me Tracing Debtors in Coventry?

Tracing Debtors In Coventry is one of our specialities and we have a very high success rate. We also offer a no trace no fee service.

Surveillance Experts

Surveillance Experts

M.R.Investigations are experts when it comes to survillance. We have been operational now for 20 years and have managed in that time to get the best surveillance operatives on board and employed by us.

All have good geographical knowledge of the area so whether you require a surveillance team or operative in Coventry, TamworthRugby or anywhere in the Coventry or Warwickshire area we can assist.

We carry out surveillance on different types of investigations such as a cheating partner type investigations, to a person suspected of claiming false sickness.

We are often called on to assist to investigate a suspected claim of insurance fraud, where a person is claiming disability due to an accident they have been involved in.

We carry out foot surveillance, mobile surveillance, static surveillance and in some cases CROP surveillance.

Just recently we were involved in a large fraud investigation which resulted in carrying out surveillance in Coventry which used all of the above methods.
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Where Do Private Investigators Work

How Private Investigators Work

Where do Private Investigators work?
where do private investigators work
T­hanks to TV shows, films and books the fictional private investigator works very differently to the real life private investigator.

A mental picture conjured up by most people is that of a shady guy working in a dingy smoke filled office with a pile of paper and folders on a desk. his clients consist of beautiful women with bright red lip stick who have been wronged by some ne’er-do-well and she wants revenge.

He will then sit outside an address either in a bright red Ferrari or an old beat up car smoking cigarette after cigarette and waiting to tail the main suspect.

The real picture is very different especially now, in the 21st century. If a PI was to sit outside an address in full view staring at a house he would soon draw the attention of neighbours, resulting no doubt in a call to the local constabulary about a shifty looking character and any ounce of cover he may have had will be completely blown when the police start tapping on his window.

The real PI is or should be a lot more discrete than this and will utilise methods to avoid being detected. He will dress for his environment and have a change of clothes to hand for changing environments depending on where his subject of enquiry maybe followed to. He most certainly will not be driving a red Ferrari!

Where Do Private Investigators Work?

Where do Private Investigators work is a good question. Private investigators work all over the country usually within their area of work M.R.Investigations are Private investigators in Coventry but cover the following areas.