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We have just updated one of our coverage locations for Warwick. Private investigator Warwick As it is a stones throw from our location and is a town we work in quite regularly.

We do not claim to be based in the town like some people do but lying 12 miles south of Coventry I think it’s safe to say we are still local.


School catchment area cheaters

school catchment area cheaters


School catchment area cheaters.

With places being restricted parents are willing to lie and cheat,  to get their offspring into the right school.

There can be as many as ten children vying for one place at some of the more sought after schools.

This is where they can sometimes get a little help from scheming parents. To be in the catchment area you need to be in a restricted geographical location. It is not uncommon for some parents to lie about their home address to one that is in this geographical circle. Parents are warned that to falsify such information.

We refer to these as “School catchment area cheaters.”

An investigation by the Local Government Association found that, out of 31 councils they surveyed, 77 %  reported an increase in the numbers of parents found to be lying on school admissions application forms.

How do you show proof of residence?

We were called upon last year during the school holidays by a concerned client who’s child had missed out a place at their school of choice even though they lived in the catchment area.

They explained that they had been reliably informed by someone that one child who had got a place at the school was in fact living at a different address with his parents to the address given on the application form.

It was decided to place the house in Solihull that they were suspected of living in, under constant surveillance from dawn until the lights went out in the property. This would show a number of things such as them exiting in the mornings and entering later in the evening and not exiting the address after lights went out.

Also it would show such things as a change of clothing, entering the address with keys and even bins taken out for collection. All these things would show that they were living at the address. This is a very similar method we use for proof of cohabiting.

Off to work

Each morning we saw dad exit dressed for a day at the office and locking the door behind him and driving away. Later in the day the Mother and children including the child who had got the placement in the school would be seen exiting the house sometimes in pyjamas.

They would drive away for a few hours, returning later. Dad would come home parking his car on the drive and would be seen later in different clothing. Eventually lights would go out downstairs and upstairs and operatives would then go home for the night and return first thing the next morning and start all over again witnessing a very similar pattern.

This was carried out over different sporadic days over a two week period.

Prove living in school catchment area

All this information was logged and put into a detailed report showing our imagery and handed to our client who in turn handed this in to the school. The school was happy that we had proved the successful applicants parents had lied about their home address, the boy had his offer terminated and the clients son was given a place at the school.

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Cohabitation investigations


cohabitatation surveillance

Investigation into cohabitation.

We are quite often called upon to investigate and obtain proof of cohabitation. This is usually when there is an ongoing divorce case. One partner can plead poverty looking for a handsome divorce settlement. In these scenarios they will say they have little income where in fact they maybe living with a new wealthy partner who is more than capable of supporting them.

One such scenario a few years back was a client called us and explained that her ex husband was telling the court that he was out of work and was forced to live with his father some 70 miles from the ex marital home near Warwick.

The male was placed under a lengthy surveillance in Warwick in over a period of weeks which showed that he was in fact living with another woman just five miles from his old marital home in a very affluent area.

He was observed entering the house in the evening with a key and  coming out in the mornings with fresh clothing. He was then followed daily to his place of work (the work he didn’t tell the court about).

He was observed shopping in the Waitrose supermarket with his his new woman and paying for the shopping himself and then unloading the shopping which was taken into the house.

The visual deceit

Thursday night was skype night. Skype night was where he would talk to his children via on line video. Now what you have to remember here was he had told the client and the court that he was living with dad in Bedfordshire. To make this look genuine it was suspected that he was actually driving to Bedfordshire on a thursday to make the skype calls.

M.R.Investigations operatives were tasked with following the Subject from his place of work on the Thursday and sure enough instead of driving home, he drove to Bedfordshire arriving at his father’s address and placed the skype call to the children. Grandad would jump in on the conversation reinforcing the picture that dad was indeed living at Grandads house.

It wasn’t long after the conversation terminated that the Subject was seen to exit his father’s house and  was followed all the way back to Warwick and into the newly discovered love nest he had set up with his new girlfriend.

Our investigations showed that he was in full time self employed employment working at various locations in the midlands.

Our report was handed over to the client and the case was presented in due course to the court. We don’t always hear the outcome of our cases but in this one the client was quick to inform us that the case due to our evidence had gone entirely in her favour.

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How much does a private investigator cost UK

private investigator cost

A lot of the time one of the first questions prospective clients ask is ‘how much does does a private investigator cost to hire’? A lot of the time we will be asked how much will it cost to perform a surveillance or investigation. There is no way we can answer this without taking time to speak with you and assess your situation.

We can, having spoke with you work out a fee structure outlining the work we will carry out for this cost. Also we will try to work out the most cost effective method that suits your budget.


It maybe a client believes they have a cheating partner and wants him/her followed to see where they go and who they meet. We will agree beforehand how many hours they want the surveillance for and with how many operatives. We then offer you a fee for the hours. This fee would include planning of the operation. Also travel to and from location, surveillance vehicles, camera equipment and a full written  report. We may experience disbursements to continue the surveillance. One scenario being a restaurant where operatives have to purchase a meal for continuity. Obviously we are not going to order the finest steak on the menu but these costs will have to be reimbursed by the client after the surveillance.

Whatever service you require you will be told in advance what price you will be paying in advance.

All quotations given are non committal and we offer a free consultation meeting as sometimes clients wish to meet in person beforehand.

We offer tracing at a no trace no fee basis which means you only pay if the trace is successful.

M.R. Investigations accept the following payment options:

  • Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Electronic bank transfer.
  • Cash – All cash payments will be receipted.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into how much a private investigator cost.

19th April 2017

Private Investigators Leicester Partner Background Checks & Investigations


We are seeing a lot more people entering a new relationship calling on us as private investigators  Leicester, Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. This is in our eyes sometimes a wise move and we can outline one particular case where we were employed by an Asian lady who was suspicious of the male she was meant to be marrying in the near future.

After a couple of weeks of surveillance we found that not only was her partner in another relationship he also had children that the client was not aware of from two other women.

Background checks showed that he was in debt and the flash car he claimed to have owned was not only HP but the finance company were looking to repossess due to no payments received.

He was also found to be on a number of no strings attached dating sites.

This lady was very wise to have the investigation carried out and saved herself a lot of heartache, of that we are sure. Some people have this sort of investigation after being stung in a previous relationship. One such person being Jodie Marsh who has vowed to hire private investigators to check out any future partners after being hurt in previous relationships.

If you think we can help you and your are looking for private investigators in Leicester, Coventry, or anywhere in the east or west midlands do not hesitate to call us. Your call will be treated with discretion and sympathy. We are registered with the ICO which means we have to adhere to the data protection laws, which means your information will not be divulged to anyone. We are also members of the Association of British Investigators and employ only the best surveillance operatives that meet our standards. Most of which are ex police or military.